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Especially Introduction About Cooking Tips - Especially introduction about cooking tips like any meal, a steak dinner is best when prepared by someone who knows what they're doing!. For your convenience, we have assembled these cooking instructions to help any novice develop into an expert at cooking premium steaks.

introduction about cooking tips

There are a number of ways to cook a great steak

1. Barbecuing

Barbecuing is probably the most popular method for cooking steaks. But it is probably also the most demanding. For starters, it is absolutely crucial, especially with charcoal, that you let your grill warm up. Allow each coal to become ignited and burn for a while until there is a good, steady heat source throughout the surface of the grill.

This will help you ensure that each steak will be evenly cooked, eliminating the possibility of serving rare steak. Grill your steak according to the grilling/broiling guide to the right.

2. Indirect Barbecuing

This is basically the same as barbecuing, but is an alternate method designed for those who cook with charcoal grills. If you enjoy the taste of a smoky, grilled steak, but want an even brown color, without the grill-burn marks, this is the way to go. Heat the barbecue on one side only, and place your steaks on the unheated side of the grill. Grill your steak according to the grilling/broiling guide above.

3. Cooking tips for elk meatBroiling

Broiling is an extremely popular method for cooking steaks indoors. For those who don't enjoy barbecuing in January, the broiler provides a great indoor alternative. Simply place your steaks on a broiler rack, 4-5 inches from the heat source. Broil your steak according to the grilling/broiling guide above.

4. Frying

Pan-frying is another great way to prepare your steaks indoors, on the stove. Pre-heat a non-stick skillet over mediumheat with little or no cooking oil. Season your steak as desired, and then place it in the heated skillet and fry on both sides. Fry the steak according to the cooking guide above.

5. Stir-Frying

A well-cooked stir fry is certain to impress even the most discerning dinner guest. If you plan to prepare a stir fry, use a tender strip steak, or marinade your steaks ahead of time. Pre-heat a wok or non-stick skillet over high heat using little or no oil.

Place the strips in the pan, and brown them as quickly as possible, turning them constantly. Step Away from the Fork. Turn your steaks with long-handled tongs. Piercing a steak with a fork while it is on the grill allows the flavorful juices to escape from the meat.

For the same reason, do not cut the steak with a knife to see how well it is cooking. Use your finger or your tongs. Rare steaks will feel soft to the touch. Medium steaks will feel springy with a little resistance, and a well-done steak will be firm.

Brown is the Magic Color At Steaks of St. Louis, we take every precaution to protect your steaks from contamination in our USDA-inspected cutting facility. You can do your part to reduce contamination at home as well.

Unlike hamburger, steaks can only be contaminated with bacteria on the outer surface. Therefore, once your steaks have been browned on all sides, potential bacteria has been destroyed. There is little contamination danger in eating a rare steak, as long as the outside of the steak has been thoroughly cooked.

Cooking Tips for Elk Meat

Elk is a fine-textured, tender meat and is extremely low in fat. Because of it's low-fat qualities, elk responds best to slow and very moist cooking methods

How to cook elk meat roasts

Cook elk roast in a slow cooker with desired spices and added moisture. If oven roasting, insert thin strips of moist meat such as bacon, salt port or beef or pork fat into roast, or, wrap the outside with bacon strips. Insert several garlic cloves for even more delicious flavor.

Additional moisture will also be needed. Cook at 300 degrees until meat thermometer reads 140 degrees for rare or 160 degrees for medium. (cooking tips for cooking elk meat roasts: Elk roasts achieve doneness much more quickly than beef roasts due to lower fat content. Plan for much shorter cooking times.)

How to cook elk meat burger

Works well in any recipe calling for ground red meats with the added bonus of low fat results. Elk burgers taste delicious and cook up very quickly. For a quick, delicious burger, cook for 4 minutes in the George Forman grill.

If pan-frying or grilling, cook over medium heat for about 4 minutes per side. (Cooking Tips for cooking elk meat burgers: If extra moisture is desired, add one egg, 1 teaspoon olive oil, ground mushrooms or wrap a piece of bacon around each patty.)

How to cook elk steaks

Fry steaks in olive oil and your favorite seasonings, just to medium rare. Oil marinades also work well and will add extra moisture. If grilling, baste with melted butter or olive oil.

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