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How to Make Tasty and Delicious Chili Paste

How to make tasty and delicious shrimp paste chili sauce (sambal terasi) - Now we will make delicious chili paste and trust me your hubby will love you even more. Let’s how we’re going to cook it.

How to make tasty and delicious chili paste

Ingredients that are needed:

  1. 5 Red hot chili pepper
  2. 15 Chili (Indo hot rawit chili)
  3. 5 Garlic
  4. 5 Red onion (small)
  5. 2 Tomatoes (medium)
  6. 37 gr Brown sugar
  7. 14 gr Shrimp paste
  8. 1 Tea spoon salt
  9. 1/2 Tea spoon powder mushroom broth vegetable oil

The methods of making delicious shrimp paste chili sauce (sambal terasi)

First, stir fry the red onion and garlic. After half done, then we add the red peppers and chilis. Tomatoes will be the last. Now we heat the pan, Pour some oil. Wait until heated then we can add the red onion and garlic In order to prevent bursts out of the chili pepper it has to be cutted beforehand, cutted by half.

Add the red onion and garlic. Wait until half done. Because it’s a little bit big so needs more time to cook. Then add the red chili pepper and Indo hot chili (Rawit).

For those who like spicy you can add more hot chili. Wait until everything is cooked, then we will puree it. Okay after its cooked, take it and put it in a bowl.

Then this is the secret recipes everyone, we cook the tomatoes at last. Cut the tomatoes to small slices. Fried the tomatoes at last, remember at last. Turn the stove to little fire even better close with some lid now because i don’t like to hand crushed, then we use the hand blender.

The difference between hand blender with the regular blender the hand blender is a bit rough than the regular one in terms of the result.

We let it off first, until the tomatoes are cooked If prefer soft you can blend it more. Now add the terasi (shrimp paste). Then stir the tomatoes until it crushed. Wait until the tomatoes are well cooked.

Then we pour all of the ingredients that we hand blended before into the pan. Stir until it mixes well. Then add the granulated mushroom broth and pinch of salt, then add the Brown sugar as much you need If you want sweet you can add more.

Wait some more time until it cooks. This chili pastes if you put it in a closed jar it will last for long time. After it cooks taste it then we know what we should add. Add salt or add sugar as you wish.

Turn off the stove. Then put the chilli in a small bowl. This chili paste is best to eat with fried chicken, pecel lele (fried catfish), or meat is delicious too. Or with the rice is already yummy with shrimp crackers. Yummy this is my best recipe for chili paste.

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